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About Us



Born out of a pioneering spirit and a passion for music we have developed HotMix106.com radio in Sacramento, CA, to bring you the best FREE music on this big beautiful planet we call earth. Talent, passion and integrity is what we stand for.

We air Rock, Blues, Pop, Soul, Jazz & what ever else we feel like.yes


Goran Sarjos (Goranimal), founded & launched HotMix106.com in December 05.

Goran retired in Feb 08 and Cory Marcus took ownership. We maintain strong alliances with "Goranimal" as his brilliance and insight are much respected. So with that said, thank you Goranimal!


It's more than great radio and great music, it's the people at HotMix106.com that make it so special!
To find out more about on-air opportunities, including production, learning to be a radio announcer and hosting a radio show, contact Cory Marcus by email at



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