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Hotmix 106 DJs

The following list includes all the DJs who are currently working with us to bring you the best of the best in music and entertaining shows.

  • Name: B Noel Barr
    Location: Long Beach, CA

    B.Noel Barr serves up some great libations during his show, Lunch At The Barr Mon-Fri 4 PM PDT.

    He is also is a writer for Random Lengths News in San Pedro California. He is working on a television pilot about people and the music that is fabric of Americana. Barr Has interviewed music artists as well as visual artists for this Port of Los Angles newspaper. There are many people that he has interviewed who are known nationally as well as those who are regional . Of note John Mayall, Taj Mayall, Rik Palieri Vermont (Americana musician, folk historian, author), Bernie Pearl (L.A. Blues icon), ...

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  • Location: Sacramento

    "A Cold Cup Of Coffee" brings you real life without the sweeteners. A
    cold and sometimes bitter, but necessary sip of reality. With an over
    15 year career in the Adult entertainment industry as a strip club
    DJ, working in radio and the Music business managing recording
    artists, Jermaine Morris has a very interesting and real insight into
    life, relationships, parenting etc. Stemming from his popular
    www.Amomentwithmorris.com blog, Jermaine brings a refreshingly direct
    yet comical approach to the never ending battle to bring back manhood
    and personal responsibility.

    Every ...

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  • Location: Alaska

    "His comedy is legendary, because of the fact that it can relate to everybody and anybody can listen to it," said Kelly Lee Williams, a stand-up comic of 10 years who works as the entertainment coordinator at Club Soraya. "Not everybody can listen to Def Comedy Jam; not everybody can listen to the stuff on Comedy Central. Anybody in the world can listen to Bill Cosby... because he's talking about real stuff; he's talking about his life; he's talking about his kids; he's talking about his personal experiences; and he doesn't do it in a vulgar and obscene way."  Toben ...

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  • Location: USA


    Long Island Blues Warehouse w/Mark Klein

     Every Sunday 8-9pm EDT, 5:pm PDT you will get to hear and enjoy some of the greatest Blues and R&B performed "Live." We focus on Long Island musicians.

    Each week there are acoustic performances, to full blown electric!

    The show re-airs Wed. at 7pm EDT, 4:pm PDT.


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  • Name: Rusty T.
    Location: USA

    I was born in Sacramento, CA in January 1958. I grew up listening to the usual stuff for the times. The Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones. Along with all the pop music that was on the air waves back then. By the time I was 12 I had turned my musical taste to a little more rock & old blues. The likes of Led Zeppelin, the Doors, And even the Grateful Dead . My musical taste also went into some of the Classics, Big Band, Louis Armstrong, Frank Zappa, The Crooners, like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. An eclectic mix of genres. I also listened to some country, Waylon & Willie, Web Pierce, ...

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  • Location: Sterling, Ilinois





    Strangeman Voices

    Strangeman Voices AKA Jimmy Dukelow has been doing voice characterization and impersonations since childhood.  His peers in school were often entertained by his impersonations of teachers in grade school to that of his professors in college and graduate school.   Jimmy began recording skits and ...

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