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HotMix106 is legal as we are fully licensed to broadcast music from SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP and SESAC under a joint licensing agreement through StreamLicensing.com.

Royalties Paid Through Stream Licensing(tm)

~~ Get paid when you get played ~~

If you are a featured recording artist or a sound recording copyright owner (SRCO), producer or creative contributor, you may have earned digital performance royalties for the use of sound recordings you own or on which you performed. Artists and SRCOs should register with SoundExchange as soon as possible, even if you’re a member of another performance rights organization, as only SoundExchange can provide digital royalties. Registration is fast and always free. Copyright holders and featured artists (generally, the most visible person, in print or image, on the physical package of a recording) are paid through SoundExchange. Session players and back-up musicians are paid from a separate royalty fund. No matter what part you played, click your category below to find out how to get paid.


ABSOLUTELY NO Audio or Video Content, Programming, Station ID's, Liners, or Commercials, in part or in whole, may be recorded, rebroadcast, syndicated, or distributed by any individual, group, company, media outlet, organization, or broadcast platform, whether terrestrial, satelite, or online without the express written permission of HotMix106. Violators will be subject to all civil and/or criminal actions and/or penalties permissible under the laws of the United States of America, and legal action will be aggressively pursued against any and all infringing parties by HotMix106.com.




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