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Rusty T.


I was born in Sacramento, CA in January 1958. I grew up listening to the usual stuff for the times. The Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones. Along with all the pop music that was on the air waves back then. By the time I was 12 I had turned my musical taste to a little more rock & old blues. The likes of Led Zeppelin, the Doors, And even the Grateful Dead . My musical taste also went into some of the Classics, Big Band, Louis Armstrong, Frank Zappa, The Crooners, like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. An eclectic mix of genres. I also listened to some country, Waylon & Willie, Web Pierce, Hoyt Axton. Eric Clapton, Lee Michaels, and Heads Hands & Feet come to mind. I grew up around the corner from Jimmy Zavala. We used to play hide and go seek, Wiffle ball and ride our bikes around the neighborhood. Jimmy was a few years older so we didn't get to hang out too much when we were young. But that friendship would come back years later through the love of music. After graduating high school and spending time in Hawaii and all over California, I played a few chords on the guitar and continued being a music lover and supporter. By now the Grateful Dead and the Jam music was what I was listening to. At the age of 25 I married my best friends'  older sister. We had two kids and I put the guitar down, which I really couldn't play anyway, raised my kids and was a family man for the next 20 years. Still the music lover and supporter, my Son Tynan picked up the guitar and went into his room for about a year. He was 15 or 16 at the time. He came out and was a little Stevie Ray Vaughn. He just had a talent for it. He taught me some chords on the guitar and how to play some Blues stuff. I played Rhythm behind him and he played lead and sang. After a year of that I was bitten. I wanted to learn and play more. We started to play some small venues and Ty was getting some well deserved recognition. Coincidentally I got divorced not long after that. After 22 years together I didn't know what to do with my time. I decided to start going to open mics in the Carson, Reno area. I would get up on stage with some seasoned players and stand in the back. They would show me the chords and I would play behind them. I was an okay rhythm player and was having fun. Somewhere I got the idea to try and sing. That was rough at first, still is. What I found out is it's hard to play and sing someone else's song. If you screw up , everyone knows. From out of nowhere I got this song that came to me. I took it to the jam that week and showed it to the house band. I was in shock. They made it sound like a real song. I even sang it okay. The next week I came in and had another song. I did this for several weeks and when I would walk in with my Guitar, everyone would look at me and go, oh no he has another song we have to learn. I stuck to it though. Settled in and was playing those originals every week and they started to take on a life of their own. The guys and girls in the house band started to kinda like em and looked forward to playing them with me. My former wife heard me sing one of them at a jam that she and my son came to. She told me I should never sing in public. Lol.!  I still am not a great singer , but I’m glad I didn't take her advice. My playing was getting better, and my singing was getter tolerable. The songs kept coming and luckily still do today. Along the road Ihave met some great musicians, and have been fortunate enough to have played with them and have them play with me. I met and befriended Mick Valentino, a guitarist from Sacramento that is one of the best players I know. Mick taught me the protocol for being a musician. Taught me how to have stage presence . Mick has been a great teacher and is still with me today as my primary Guitarist. I put my first band together in 2008 with a line up of some good musicians. Martina Dayton on Bass has been there since The Re-Bar days of my open mic start. She was one of the ones that gave me a hard time every week with a new song. She has been a great friend and Bass player, backup singer. Martina is still with me today. Now comes Jimmy back into the picture. Come to find out Jimmy and Mick were old buddies from there early days in music. They were both Sacramento boy's. Jimmy got his first break with Rod Stewart. He went on to Join the Eurythmics, Tom Petty, Etta James and a whole list of other great musicians. In 2009 I flew Jimmy to Reno. He came in to play and learn my tunes with my new Band. Mick Valentino(Guitar), Martina Dayton (Bass), Brian Jenkins (Drums), Rick Metz (Saxophone) Rusty T. (Rhythm Guitar), and Jimmy Zavala (Harmonica). We played in a club in Sparks, NV with a great stage. It was during the day and not a show but more of a rehearsal. We taped the whole thing and had a great time and some magical moments. Jimmy was sold on the band and went back to LA with CD in hand. Jimmy is producing my first CD,, That's How It Usually Begins. To date Jimmy has finished my song Tic Toc and is working on 3 more tunes. He has done a great job and has brought in some great musicians to record with, Lee Thornburgh was brought in to do the Horns and the arrangements. So far I am very pleased with the way the songs are turning out. I think it is going to be a great CD and look forward to hearing the rest of the tracks.  Looking forward to the future.

Every Sunday 9:am PDT.

Rusty T.  


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